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Videos of clients sessions- with their enthusiastic permission! (testimonials below) 

In-Home, or remote/online fitness for all levels.


"I wanted to become more flexible so I started a session with Joyce. I haven't stopped since. That was 3 years ago. My son noticed how much better my balance is. Did they mention they were twins?" Mary H.

" I've been working with Joyce for over a year and I'm simply thrilled! I've lost 15 pounds and my A1c dropped an entire point." John M. 

" I started weight lifting and medical massage with Laurie 15 years ago and she is terrific! My wife saw how much better I was feeling and she joined in too." Tim R.

" Joyce is a real pro. I didn't realize that I was stronger then I thought. The sessions are challenging and fun. I look forward to my workouts more then I ever have:)" Linda K.

"Since working with Laurie, I have learned that my body can be stronger, more flexible and more coordinated then I ever imagined. She has encouraged and helped me to  make time for my exercise. Laurie is very professional, extremely caring and has the best sense of humor!  Who knew that exercising could be so much fun?" Patricia S.

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