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About Laurie and Joyce
In-Home, or remote/online fitness for all levels.

personal trainers

  "We are sisters, we are friends, we are health and fitness passionate."


  Laurie Kurte and Joyce Ramsay Graye have a strong foundation in the field of health and fitness that includes medical massage therapy, prehab exercise, pre and post surgery fitness as well as individualized sport specific programs from teen athletics to adult fitness. Incorporating an assortment of strength training modalities as well as plyometrics and mobility exercises makes working with all ages and levels of fitness such a rewarding profession. With Martial arts/kick boxing backgrounds, yoga/pilates concept training, agility programs.... and so much more, these women are prepared for the fitness tasks at hand.

  Joyce earned a NYS medical massage license in 1992, Tang Soo Do black belt certification/instructor 1983. Laurie received ISSA Personal training certification 2012, Tang Soo do black belt certification/instructor 1983 and NYS massage license in 1989. Both have decades of experience teaching individualized fitness programs servicing Long Islands North Shore clientele. Long standing local references upon request.

  Whether advanced golfers, tennis enthusiasts, avid fitness buffs, teen athletes, or first timers to an exercise program, Laurie and Joyce have the experience necessary to meet you at ANY level. This duo have the experience/expertise necessary to help you reach your goals, and that's just a phone call away. One on one focused based model proves to be a highly effective fitness dynamic which means either Laurie or Joyce will be instructing your personalized sessions. 


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