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What Matters most

Covid-19 contingency plans can include masks, hand sanitizers and if necessary, online sessions. These measures offer safe ways to ensure your fitness progress is not interrupted should a rise in cases occur. Safety is a priority, adhering to CDC and local health guidelines are always respected. 


    Laurie and Joyce are dedicated to educating and inspiring their clients. Implementing a tailored approach for each person is key for long term success. Taking into consideration an individual's goals, constitution, gender, age, possible contraindications, and exercise history are imperative. This helps to create a truly personalized and rewarding fitness program.  

Motivation without judgement is a main philosophy. Every human being has their unique make-up and striving to understand those differences is central. Laurie and Joyce have experience training teens, adults, seniors, one on one, partner sessions and group classes.


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Strength and Mobility training for those with medical considerations such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint replacements, autoimmune conditions etc...have found Laurie and Joyce's prehab approach to be safe, effective and reliable conditioning. Remote/online options offer added safety and convenience during times of Covid-19 concerns, if you live at a distance, or if traveling.
Online Fitness Class
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 Increased strength is beneficial for all ages! Resistance training (with or without weights) is most important after age 40. We can retain, even INCREASE strength, muscle mass, cognitive alertness, bone density, while enhancing proprioception, coordination and overall endurance. Laurie and Joyce's tool kit for addressing specifics is vast. 

In-Home, or remote/online fitness for all levels.
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